Building & Construction

Welcome to ALBORZ HOMES. We are a full-service Construction company offering a wide range of custom services to fit all of our customers needs. Take a look through our site to learn more about what we have to offer and don't hesitate to reach out with any questions. One of our team members would be happy to help.

The Builders you Can Trust

Building with us won’t leave you with any questions as every stage will be thoroughly explained and inspected by clients. Clients can make all the changes to the layouts needed before starting each stage.

At Alborz homes we bring ideas to life and your dream into reality.

You’re only required to take one step to get in touch with us and that’s by contacting us Today to find out how.

Saeed the director of Alborz Homes has been exposed to the construction world since the age of 16 years. Saeed found a love for building and construction through his grandfather who was a professional builder. At only 18 years of age Saeed built his first Home in 2004. From then on he has built many homes, Villas and Units. Fast forward to 2015 and Alborz Homes was established. Prior years he focused on carpentry, joinery, plastering and renovations.

Because of his experience in majority of building fields,  Alborz Homes strengths include high quality finishes that leaves all its customers satisfied.

Building Process

Initial contact includes the first contact you make with us to get a rough idea of what is needed to start your build.

Just fill our forms online to get in touch with us and one of our builders will give you a call to discuss further.

Every customer is different, This means that taste and designs vary from person to person. Don't be afraid of customising.
With our professional trades we can help you to customise your design without having to blow-out your budget and keep it cost effective rather than just another standard home. We strive to provide great customer service and clear communication so you can understand the progress of your home at every phase.
After inspection of the land we sit with the clients and based on the ideas and budget they have we create a minimum-maximum plan outcome and discuss  all the layouts and finishes
We understand the importance of picking the right company who’s experienced, dependable and affordable.

Depending on each individual build, for the design stages some require CDC or DA approvals to maximise their benefits (including size they’re able to build on their block of land).
We will organise a meeting with one of our designers to help you gather all information needed create your design. (Your approval is required prior to send off for approvals.)

Because we are a custom building company, we customise a plan to suit your construction

After reciving building approval the construction will start  with all the site preparation. If demolition of existing building is required we will do it at this stage first and normally construction work will commence 4 weeks after site preparation and depending on the build could  take from 32 to 48 weeks.
When we meet all the contract inclusions there is a site inspection with the client and key hand over on the same day.
Until 6 Weeks after hand over if there are any defects, they will be fixed by Alborz homes. Alborz Homes offers  6 years of structural warranty on their Builds

How much does it cost to build a house in Sydney?

The price of a build varies depending on the inclusions that customers request/require, especially when you have a custom design home. The price can be anywhere from $1500 to over $3000+ per Square depending on many factors which might include site cost, quality of the finishes, size of the building, associated Zoning cost, and many more.

At Alborz Homes we are able to provide the best price possible on the market, all depending on customer requirements/design. We will assist you in building a home that you will enjoy for many years to come . Our motto is “do it once, do it right”.

Our Services

We Build Commercial Spaces that serve purpose and function

With our professional and experienced team we take Commercial projects from concept to completion stage.

We Specialise in Fit-Outs including retail and office, Refurbishments and Make-Goods.

Have a Project in mind? Lets Chat!

Single Storey

Depending on your specific needs and/or budget, at Alborz Homes we'll help you from design stage to construction.
Based on sizing and possibility of your land we'll help you design a living space that's right for you and your family.
  • 4 - 6 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • 2 -3 Living area
  • Car space 2

Double Storey

We offer a large variety of custom designs. This can include but is not limited to several bedrooms/bathrooms perfect for large families and for those who plan to utilise their scenic views on their land we can help customise separate/extra living space.
  • 4 - 6 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • 2 -3 Living area
  • Car space 2


If you’re looking to maximise the use of your land, duplex are a great source of income/investment. If you have a large block of land with a good frontage a duplex is great for you as you can either build as an investment and/or live and invest next door. We can help you build duplexes on your block of land with any design that meets your budget.
  • 4 - 6 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • 2 -3 Living area
  • Car Space 1

Granny Flat & Studios

If your looking to maximise the use of your land, granny flat/studios are a great source of income/investment. If you have a large block of land with a good frontage a granny flat/studio is great for you as you can either build as an investment and/or live and invest next to you
  • 1 - 3 Bedrooms
  • 1-2 Bathrooms
  • 1 Living area

First Floor addition and Renovation

Working on existing homes to make it look more modern with shorter time of construction and cost for
either investing or real-estate matters for sale.

First Floor addition

  • 4 - 6 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • 2 -3 Living area
  • 1-2 Kitchens
  • 2 Cor space

Decking and Swimming pool

All Ranges of Composite Deck, Hardwood Decking and Pergola available with quality finishes to suit your budget.

Concrete Pools, Fibreglass Pools, Above-ground Pools.

  • Indoors And Outdoors

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